Nowadays, the number of homeless people living on the streets is increasing rapidly. A case in point is California, where about 151.278 people are left homeless.

Luckily, Steward Kwane, a 49-year-old veterinarian, decided to help people in need. Namely, since 2011, he has been on the streets helping homeless people and their pets. Read his amazing story below.

Steward Kwane decided to help homeless people and their pets. His medical bag is always with him wherever he goes. Steward also created the page GoFundMe for raising donations for invasive surgeries that cost thousands of dollars.

Steward loves both his job and the animals. He had treated more than 400 animals since he has become a street vet. He wants to bring more veterinarians into the streets to help people in need.



While working as a vet, Steward realized that his knowledge about homeless people was not true. Like other people, he said that he had had prejudgments about homeless people before.













However, the issue of homelessness is not something that cannot be solved. It is people`s creation.


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