The aurora borealis is a magical phenomenon that can only be witnessed in the sky from the northernmost parts of our planet. Some places offer a better view of the magnificent northern lights than others though. You can get the best view from Alaska, Finland, Iceland, northern Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

Out of all of the places, Lapland in Finland is probably the most amazing one. It is the most northern part of Finland that’s famous for its midnight sun and the aurora borealis phenomenon.

There’s a beautiful lake in Lapland, called Ranuanjärvi, and on its shores is located the Arctic Fox Igloos resort. These luxury igloos offer breathtaking views of the lake and the sky where the aurora borealis can appear.

The temperatures outside in this part of Finland are extremely cold, but the igloo’s glass walls have heating built inside of them so you won’t feel the cold at all. The igloos consist of two parts, one part is the glass bedroom with a bed for two where you can relax and enjoy the view, and another wooden part, which has a little kitchen, a bathroom, and a relaxing sauna.

Go to sleep under the beautiful northern sky

It can be quite pricey to stay in these igloos during the high season which is winter. It would cost around $400 a night for one person, and $550 for two. The prices in summer are quite lower though ranging from around $160 for two per night. Autumn prices are somewhere in between ranging from around $340 a night for one and $460 for two. You also have to pay additional charges if you want an extra bed in the igloo.

This place has to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful places on the planet. The environment is calming and soothing like nowhere else. Then, if you’re lucky, the aurora borealis would prove to be an extraordinary form of visual therapy. Just looking up and seeing the magnificent green, blue and purple lights scattered across the sky while surrounded by snow-covered nature is an amazingly soothing experience.

But watching the aurora borealis is only one of many other activities that you can engage in while staying in the Arctic Fox Resort. Depending on which season you visit, you can enjoy different seasonal activities. In the cold winter months, the resort offers snowmobile rides and winter safari tours on reindeer or the amazing Finn horses. If you’re feeling a little extra adventurous you can try going on a snowshoe safari.

In the summer months, you can see wolfdogs and polar bears up close, or go rowing across the magnificent Ranuanjärvi lake, and if you get lucky, you might see some of the elusive arctic foxes that live in the area.

Source: NationalGeographic || TheHeartySoul