Everyone is aware that cigarettes have a bad influence over us. However, tobacco is staying the largest preventable cause for death in US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, say that 484,000 Americans actually lost their lives because of cigarettes.

It was stated by the Medical Daily that 3,200 Americans who have less than 18 years old smoke their first cigarette every day.

If you smoke, you could quit if you are aware what is actually inside them. In the below graph made by SmokeFreeForsythe.org you can see how many dangerous ingredients are in cigarettes. There is cadmium, hexamine and stearic acid. You might not have heard about them but you can see how dangerous they are. You should be scare by this diagram and the information it provides and that is the reality.

Cigarettes are full of cadmium that can be found in batteries, butane that is present in lighter fluid, methane which is in sewer gas, as well as arsenic that is present in poison. Addtitionaly, they have ammonia that is present in toilet cleaner, methanol that is in rocket fuel, hexamine that is in barbecue lighters, as well as stearic acid that is present in candle wax.

However, if you are addictive smoker you should continue reading and we will show you another idea.

In case you want to quit smoking, you should think about how quickly our body can recover after you’ve stopped. It is explained by the American Cancer Society that only 20 minutes after you stop smoking, the blood pressure and the heart rate will go down.

14 days later, the blood circulation will be improved and the functioning of the lungs will increase and 365 days later the risk of getting a heart disease will be reduced by half.

You can see many immediate changes once you quit. The food will have a better taste, the breath, clothes and hair will smell better, and the fingernails and teeth will be white again. This is not going to be easy, yet it is worth it.

If you want to make the quitting part easy you should:

– Make a plan
– Be busy at all times
– Avoid any smoking triggers, such as caffeine
– Be positive
– Remember to ask for help