Some men think that if they ignore a woman, they would get what they want. Moreover, some of them even think that if they treat a woman badly, they would get more love.

Nevertheless, these tricks may only work with inexperienced girls, but never with real women, because of:

1. They know what they want If you love a woman honestly and treat her the right way, she will love you, too. However, if you are dishonest with her, she will go away.

2. They know that you will never ignore them if you are really in love with them If you love a woman honestly, you give her all your love and attention. A real woman wants to know that she will always love her. If you do not give her what she wants, she will leave you.

3. They rely on honesty Not taking into consideration the fact that honesty is the basis of each relationship, some men consider that it is better not to express their real feelings.

However, if a man is not honest with a woman, she will never have real intimacy with him.

4. They want to be treated with respect A real woman looks for an attentive, loving, and caring man. She looks for a man who will treat her the right way.


Source: The Power Of Silence