This is true. A lot of women talk about their husbands and they are saying they are acting like children. It is usual that women are the chef, maid, nurse, chauffeur, and teacher in the house and they feel that are responsible for their children and husband as well.

A lot of women feel like they no longer have the energy to complete all of these tasks, especially if they have to work a lot out of their house. The real problem is that they do not get enough support from their partners.

There was a survey in which participated more than 7000 mothers. It was discovered that the average mother rates her stress levels 8.5 out of 10; while 46% of the women say that their husbands are actually causing more stress than their children. Their life is challenging and tough, and it is especially hard if their husbands are part of the reason behind the stress.

It was summarized in their research:

1. Mothers are very stressed because they do not have time to finish all of their tasks.
2. 3 of 4 mothers who have partners claim they do most of the household duties and parenting.
3. 1 of 5 mothers say that they do not have enough help from their husband and that is the biggest reason for daily stress.

There is an interesting analysis made from the researches from The University of Padova and this included their lifelong partners and their stress levels and connection. They also investigated how they cope with that. It was concluded that if one of the partners dies, for instance, if the husband loves the wife, their health becomes deteriorated.

However, when the woman loses her husband, her health becomes better and they can easily cope with sorrow, stress, and depression. They suspected that the reason for this was that men relied more on their spouses than women.

Why do husbands stress their wives?

It is obvious that the problem has two sides. When both partners are working a lot and they come home late, they do not have time to do all of their home responsibilities. Women think that these responsibilities have to be separated in half and they have to get help from their partner; they should show and also offer support, but most of the time, their home obligations are falling on their shoulders. Always it has been considered that women should do all the homework, even if both partners are working.

How to fix this: If you see that you and your partner actually do not have an equal part of your responsibilities, you should talk with him! It could help if you say to make a list together. Make a list of all tasks which have to be made. Divide the tasks and share them for the week. See if this can help. Also, you can make a shared calendar and both of you can have easy access to it on your phones.

Wives are able to step back more than men

It is easy to say that your partner does not help you at home. In some cases, the problem can be that the woman actually does not believe that her partner is capable to do all these tasks and that is why she does them by herself.

How to fix this: most of the time women have fantasies about how their family and household should be and they want to make those visions a reality. Eventually, they become tired of it. You should ask your partner to help you! It could sound easier if you do everything you want in a perfect way, but you have to remember to take care of yourself, your free time, your sleep, and be relaxed. Even if this means that your children will go to school without a “classy” outfit, you should rest.

Put a spark in your relationship

It looks like after marriage, it is way easier to steady back the relationship and be more focused on other stuff and work. However, the relationships do not work this way! Before anything else, remember that we are partners, lovers, and individuals, and love is what actually connected you in the first place. Share your love and it will bring you happiness.

How to fix this: you should make an agreement with your partner that you will have one day of the week that would not require business phones, work, or kids. It will be just the two of you. This way you will stay connected and be strong enough to solve the problems you gave and it will be easier for you to remember how much you love one another. Once you are content and happy and feel the love, your children will feel the love as well.

It is important to be happily married and in order to do this you should:

– Remember you, partner, that you appreciate them;
– You can say thank you even for the small things he does and he will support you more;
– Be honest, every step of the way;
– Always take care of your appearance;
– Be aware that words are like bullets;
– Enjoy in the silence;
– Be king;
– Maintain passion and intimacy, inside and outside the bedroom.

All of these tips and advice will help you to have a stable marriage and try and learn how to have a stable family where everyone takes care of each other.