You can’t have a happy friendship without honesty. That’s why it is important, and it’s not hard, to be honest. You just have to tell the truth and say what you think, without making any excuses or blaming others for your mistakes.

Being friends with someone is a two-way street: they also need to be honest with you about their feelings if you are being honest with them, but people can get hurt when, to be honest with your friends, but how do you know when to tell the truth?

You should always be honest about what you think and feel. This will make your friendships even stronger as long as your friend does the same!

Honesty is the touchstone of good character and a life worth living. We need honest friends to tell us when we’re being too hard on ourselves, to remind us that it’s not all about work, or complain to us about how unfair the world can be sometimes.

When friendships break down because one person doesn’t want to hear what another has to say–especially if the other person is speaking truthfully–it’s usually because there are unacknowledged feelings lurking beneath the surface; and those will eventually come out in unpleasant ways for sure!

Everybody knows that honesty is the best policy, but what are people trying to say when they call for “honest friends?” When a friend requests honest feedback from you, it’s usually because he or she needs your opinion on something.

Whether it’s an outfit choice for a big event coming up or the potential job offer of another company- being honest about their decisions can make all the difference in their lives.

Honesty is important whether we’re talking about major life choices like these, as well as small day-to-day matters such as which TV show to watch next!

It may seem daunting at first and not everyone appreciates hearing any criticism of themselves (especially true with teenagers!), but if you want stronger friendships then be prepared to take a risk and be honest about what you’re thinking.