Ecologists warn that Australia is facing a potential loss of almost 500 million birds, mammals, reptiles, as well as 8,000 koalas due to the bushfire crisis which threatens the country’s biodiversity.

To mitigate the consequences of the environmental disaster, Australians have started to donate large sums of money to animal hospitals, and volunteer for firefighting brigades, thus contributing to the fight against the bushfires.

Among those brave workers is Bindi Irwin, daughter of the famous “crocodile hunter”, Steve Irwin. He was known for being a passionate conservationist and environmentalist. He died in 2006 while recording an ocean documentary.

His 21-year-old daughter decided to continue the family’s tradition as “Wildlife Warriors”, mostly during the ongoing crisis that has affected both the plant and animal life in Australia.

Recently, she has revealed that she is working hard along with the Australia Zoo staff to help in the treatment of animals wounded in the fires. Among the saved animal patients were a cute possum with squinty eyes, called Blossom, an orphaned platypus called Ollie, hundreds of flying foxes, and many others.

Since Steve’s death, his wife, Terri Irwin, has been in charge of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital which was established in 2002. Terri and Steve dedicated this hospital to Bindi’s grandmother.

By being “Wildlife Warriors” they will continue to honor her and save as many lives as they can. The hospital involves providing healthcare to wounded, endangered, and threatened animals.

So far, the Wildlife Hospital has treated more than 90,000 animal patients. Last year they opened a rehabilitation center for sea turtles as well as a sea snake ward.

This crisis has already resulted in a huge loss of wildlife which will forever disrupt the balance for entire species of both plants and animals. Wombats, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, possums, echidnas, and many other endemic species will go extinct due to the disastrous crisis.

This especially applies to koalas. It is estimated that around 30 percent of the entire koala population has been lost in the firestorms.

However, people and large areas of grassland have been affected by the bushfires as well. According to the latest estimations, over 12 million acres have been burnt and 25 people killed in the fires.

In one of her posts, Bindi also shared a heartbreaking video showing dozens of kangaroos hopelessly running away everywhere on the parched grasslands near Bredbo.

Source:  The Mind Unleashed