Thammapa Supamas, a cat lover from Thailand tried to help her cat but her fur accidentally turned into a Pikachu-like yellow. She used turmeric to treat a fungal infection on her cat which was a common treatment for that type of infection.

The snowy white cat had a foot infection and her owner, Thammapa applied turmeric all over the body of the cat just as a precaution so the infection won’t spread.

The turmeric scrub helped with the infection, but it had one downside – it was impossible to wash off, so the snowy white fur of the cat was now brightly yellow.

When Thammapa shared the photos of her yellow furred cat on Facebook, they instantly went viral and got thousands of shares and comments from all over the world in a matter of days.

Thammapa realized the hilariousness in the situation and was inspired by many comments saying that her cat looked like Pikachu now, she even edited some photos so the cat looks like Pikachu.

Do not be worried though, as turmeric is proven to be very healthy for cats, and it is even good for owners to add up to eight grams of turmeric per day to the cat’s diet because it has many beneficial effects on the cat’s health.

Turmeric is also used to help cats who are recovering from cancer, arthritis, it helps with digestion, helps with skin infections and it has even been reported to help with cardiovascular problems.

In the end, everything turned well for Thammapa and her cat because the infection was gone and the yellow fur made them very popular and beloved on the internet.

Source: Unilad