Darling, you know your self-worth and that makes you tremendously powerful even though there are people who want to see you suffer.

They envy you because you can always find a way to achieve your goals and fear your desire for success. This is because your ability to turn all your dreams into reality makes them find you intimidating.

Being aware of your self-worth will make your circle get smaller. Only those who are truly worth to be around you will stay in your life. But this won’t affect you because you know how much effort you have put to achieve that, even if it makes you feel a little lonely sometimes.

Facing life and dealing with all its challenges would never be a problem for you. You know what you want and you are ready for everything that life has prepared for you.

Also, you have perfectly mastered to enjoy your own company which means you are so independent that you don’t need anyone to help you maintain peace and happiness in your life.

Giving up is not an option for you. Regardless of how many times life brings you down, you find the strength and courage to stand up and find your ways.

You know what to expect from any relationship, and that is respect, attention, decency, kindness, consideration, honesty, and understanding. Never accept less than you deserve.

Being a self-aware individual who loves herself makes you grow as a person every day. You stand out of the crowd due to your impressive emotional intelligence and mind-blowing passion for life.

When you look back and think about what kind of person you were a year ago, you will see the progress you have achieved in all aspects of your life. You have grown both emotionally and spiritually. The best thing about it is that you have achieved that all by yourself.

Therefore, make sure you enjoy your achievements and surround yourself with trustworthy people who deserve to be by your side, who will motivate you to keep working hard for everything you want in your life.

You owe that to your 5-year-old self who desired to see every beautiful place in this world and to your 80-year-old self who will be proud of all her achievements every time she looks back at her life.

Source: Thought Catalog  I Heart Intelligence