Most women are naturally tolerant and they can handle many things. However, when they say enough, it means enough. Most of the time, they find it hard to make decisions, but when they make one you cannot do anything to change their mind again.

This mostly refers to dating. If she had made a decision that she must leave, you won’t be able to change her mind. If you want to do that, it is important to change the way she feels and not try to change what she thinks.

There is good news: there is a small hope that you can make something before she leaves. In case you think she is about to leave it, and you’ve made a mistake, you should act quickly.

You can read these insights in order to try and understand why it is difficult to make a woman change her mind after she broke up with you.

1. It is not easy to do the right thing

“If he is dumb enough to walk away, you should be smart enough and let him go.”

2. She is not coming back

“The main problem is women think men can change. The ugly truth is that they cannot change. Men make mistakes when they think she won’t leave.”

3. Does she have any reason to stay?

Just stop for a second and think. You broke her and hurt her and she already knows that it won’t matter what she does, it will never be good enough. Now you know that she does not have a reason to stay.

4. Even though it can take a while, you can hang onto it

It is simple to understand that she will enjoy the sound of her feet walking away from all things that are not meant for her.

5. Emotions have to change before you can bring back the love

As we said at first, if you want to change her mind, you have to change the way she feels. If she has lost her love, you have to do something so you can influence her emotions. The reason for the break up is not important. You can have forgiveness if the heart and soul can forgive first.

6. You have to remember the good memories and make new ones

You should recall how it was when you were in love and remember the good things. These sweet memories will improve the relationship and they will also intensify the passion, but they have to be accompanied by important actions. You have to be aware that this is not going to work if you do this just to visit a relationship that failed.

7. Some fresh starts can be beneficial and some can be compelling

There are many reasons to try a new relationship as the opposite of having a second chance at the old one. If you had genuine and pure love, you can have it again and that is a good reason enough to contemplate on its own.

8. It is important for both partners to be self-secure in order for the relationship to be completely secure

If one of the partners is insecure, the relationship can end. That is the reason why self-reflection with regard to self-esteem is very important. Think about this! Even something that is so simple as ignoring what your partner comments may have a negative influence on the relationship and the partner as well.