Women who have been single for a long period of time enjoy emotional freedom and quiet comfort which eventually lead to a high level of contentment and happiness. Unfortunately, this is what women in relationships actually lack.

The reasons for this phenomenon are still unclear, but some experts claim that there are a few possibilities.
Perhaps single women feel so comfortable being single or they have ended up abandoned in their previous relationships. However, regardless of the reason, they will certainly end up the happiest.

They know how to enjoy the comfort of leading solitary life but they are also fine with the lack of intimacy in their lives. This has helped them to accept and embrace the solitude and silence of their everyday lives.

Single women have also learned to focus on the everyday things they find enjoyable, such as spending a night at home, taking care of their pets, reading books, watching movies, exercising, cooking, or eating out. They enjoy all kinds of solo activities.

However, these activities don’t make them happy in the long run. The main reason for their happiness is the ability to pursue all their ambitions and goals without feeling guilty about neglecting their partner.

They are the happiest because they have understood that love comes in different shapes. There are different types of love that can make us feel both happy and complete and the love we find in a romantic relationship is only one of them.

Another advantage of being single is having enough time to think about what you want and what do you need in a relationship. Single women will certainly prefer men who will encourage and inspire them. They need a partner who is able to show empathy for their failures and happiness and pride for their successes.

Solitary life enables us to discover who we are. This is very important because most women define themselves only by their family roles. But in fact, they are more than just being someone’s wife or someone’s mother. Being single gives them the needed freedom to discover who they are and what they want. It also gives them the opportunity to choose and create their lives.

Single women would never minimize their hopes, values, dreams, and morals to serve their partner’s needs. They would never lose themselves in the service of someone else.

This is because they are aware of the true meaning of being genuinely happy. Their self-worth, strength, and compassion helped them to come to this realization.

Here are the main reasons why some women prefer being single:

• They already lead a busy lifestyle and dating someone will make them feel even busier.

• They place more value on friendship rather than on a romantic relationship.

• They are aware of the dirty tricks men use to seduce them, so they are hard to impress.

• They look for meaningful and deep bonds and therefore they can’t accept anything less than what they truly deserve.

• They have high standards which most men find impossible to meet.